About Clavestone

Don’t put all your keys in one basket.

Clavestone supports organisations in the safe deployment of bitcoin multisig storage.

“If you don’t hold your keys, you don’t hold your bitcoin.” — Bitcoin proverb

Companies investing in bitcoin are typically choosing to entrust the keys to their bitcoin to third-party bitcoin custodians: single points of failure.

Due to the high concentration of funds under management, and their ability to spend them, bitcoin custodians are destined to suffer hacks, thefts, robberies, kidnappings, inside jobs, or fund seizures.

The Answer is Bitcoin Multisig

Multisig gives companies the power to hold their own bitcoin while avoiding any single point of failure. Control over a company’s bitcoin can be distributed across multiple personnel, ensuring there are secure checks and balances on any outgoing transactions.

Setting up and managing a multisig wallet can be easy, and Clavestone can help. Get in touch for more information, or check out the Cerberus Protocol—an easy-to-follow guide to setting up corporate bitcoin storage with just the right mix of convenience and security for most businesses.

The Clavestone Team

Well-known wealth management and bitcoin industry veterans with a track record for trust and integrity.

Robbert Gorris


Delivers wealth management and corporate structuring services in Asia, with extensive experience in digital asset and DLT projects.

Neil Woodfine


Working in the bitcoin industry since 2014, with experience at some of the leading startups in exchange, payments, and infrastructure.

Hold your keys, hold your bitcoin.